The new MT4 / MT5 Social Trading from Brokeree Solutions offers brokers new opportunities. The solution provides them with an unprecedented ability to unite all their clients into one united pool of investors and signal providers to support real-time trading between all of them. Brokeree Solutions is an Estonia-based developer of turnkey software for brokers operating with MetaTrader, especially renowned for investment systems Social Trading and PAMM. Six months later, here’s our take on how the risk-management system performed in this flagship investment system. The solution gives them unprecedented ability to unite all their clients into one pool of investors and signal providers to support real-time trading between them. With the latest integration, traders using MetaTrader4 and 5 trading platforms can simultaneously access Liquidity Bridge and Match-Prime.

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The reporting system includes advanced search functionality, allowing easy navigation through past trade executions in the MetaTrader Liquidity Bridge UI. After more than 30 years spent across Europe in the Information Technology arena, rarely have I found a software development company like Brokeree. When your business is software development, the secret of success relies on how you organize your developers, help-desk and sales team. Under the hood, Pendulum is built with Substrate to allow connecting DeFi applications to the $6-trillion FX market. Next up is building automated market makers to introduce scalable liquidity pools for fiat currencies and create yield earning opportunities for fiat token holders.

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By aggregating liquidity from several sources, brokers ensure that clients’ orders are filled on the market with the best trading conditions. The flexible functionality of the Liquidity bridge provides brokers with the ability to accurately configure the execution model based on the quotes from multiple liquidity providers. Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge combines advanced A/B book order execution, smart liquidity aggregation, and risk management. The solution enables brokers to connect several MetaTrader4 or 5 with the liquidity providers and accurately configure trade executions. A liquidity provider is a financial institution that acts as an intermediary between the market and market participants like brokers and provides them with access to the market data, quotes, and assets to trade.

A simple plugin that enhances the original MT4 platform functionality by allowing brokers to configure trading sessions with 1-second precision, thus giving them full control of such an important process. The solution allows multi-asset brokers to expand a set of tradable symbols by using price feeds of existing symbols. Aggregating trades from certain groups to one trading account allows for quick analysis of clients’ exposure across symbols. The tool provides brokers with a convenient way to update clients’ settings on MetaTrader 4 servers. LMAX Exchange, part of the LMAX Group, delivers efficient market structure and consistent execution to all market participants, including funds, banks, proprietary trading firms, brokerages, and asset managers. “The cross-server Social Trading combines the reliability and predictability of earlier versions of the investment platform and an entirely new functionality that opens up unprecedented freedom of action for brokers.”

According to the SEC, the OCC failed to modify its Comprehensive Stress Testing System and did not provide timely notification to the SEC of this failure as required by Regulation SCI. The company said the move demonstrates the substantial opportunities that are available to drive future ‎growth, as well as its high cash generation. ‎Recent estimates suggest that Plus500’s current market capitalisation is £1.97 ‎million. Plus500 today commences a further share buyback program of $70 million, which was announced earlier this month. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it’s like to work at forex solutions, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

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Experienced and possibly the best provider of high-grade financial technology solutions. As always, it is our top priority to provide the best possible trading solutions to our valued clients. Estonia-based provider of technologies for brokers Brokeree Solutions today announced the promotion of Victor Ivanov from Senior Business Development Executive to Regional Head of Business Development.

The figure was down by 46 percent from the 196,336 clients it onboarded the previous year. As a result, the group’s base of active clients was 280,000 during the year just ended, down by nearly a third from 407,000 in 2021. As reported by the fintech company in its financial statements submitted to the London Stock Exchange, total customer deposits in FY 2022 increased to $2.3 billion, up from $2.1 billion in 2021. At the bottom line, the spread betting and CFDs broker told investors that it earned $454 million in 2022, which was also higher by 17 percent from $387 million in 2021.

Brokeree Solutions

The board revealed that it aims to reduce ‎the company’s share capital by means of purchasing its ordinary shares from time ‎to time using existing cash resources. The company added that special share buybacks or other distributions will be considered on a half-year basis. This compares with the previous policy of returning the profit through dividends and share buyback programs, with at least 50% made by way of dividends. Often such indicators show only the total profits a provider gains and should be characterized as a marketing rather than an analytical tool.

In partnership with Mastercard, Latin America’s most popular exchange, Bitso launched a debit card in Mexico offering cryptocurrency rewards on customers’ purchases. Customizable stopout levels provide additional functionality by closing positions per specific symbols instead of closing the most losing trade. Scheduling allows brokers to prepare for high-volatility on the market by increasing margin requirements for the period.

This way if the total profit from trades reaches the desired amount, the system automatically closes them, suspends the subscription to the signal provider, and stops copying new trades. Various reports on users trading activity can now be viewed, as well as downloaded, including earnings report, displaying profits per provider or per offer, fees report and trading report. Additionally, the management fee allows providers to hold a commission periodically for subscribing to their trading signals, for example, for a week or a month. If the trader does not have enough money on balance to afford the commission, the subscription stops. The Liquidity Bridge has a flexible routing system that allows brokers to either hedge client trades at a counterparty or process trades in-house at the current price of the LP based on predetermined attributes.

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Social Trading has enjoyed enduring popularity over the years, and in the age of social media, it seems more relevant to individual traders than ever before. This is evident in the growing range of tools and solutions aimed at traders who want to copy the transactions of more experienced traders and those who want to share those transactions. “At Brokeree Solutions, we know that brokers rely on the stability and software robust performance, especially for large trading volumes,” Victor Ivanov, the Regional Head of Business Development at Brokeree, commented.

Brokeree Solutions

With this innovative functionality, the internal structure of the solution is more sophisticated now. Hence the developers had to elaborate and improve the existing risk management system and offer something entirely new that meets the requirements of a new-generation solution. Our development team constantly exchanges ideas to work out the best possible solution before, during, and after the actual development. Every product update then goes through an extensive quality assurance process, including manual, automated, and UI tests. By the end of the development cycle, it’s highly unlikely that something is missed or left out. Improve trading servers’ performance by minimizing bonus distribution chains for trades with short duration (i.e. scalping).

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Trade Copier by Brokeree is a versatile plugin that allows brokerages of all sizes to create margin accounts, set up proprietary trading, and amplify risk management processes. EXANTE offers more than 10,000 stocks, ETFs, currencies, metals in addition to an extensive portfolio of futures and options. Moreover, being the intermediator in the execution chain, Liquidity Bridge also provides brokers with extensive reports that may be detailed, for example, per liquidity provider, user group, or trading symbol.

Kamyshanov founded the turnkey technology provider for multi-asset brokerages Brokeree Solutions in 2013. He has served as the company CEO since its inception and focuses on research and development. The key upgrade in the new version is the implementation of cross-server functionality in the system. Brokeree’s Social Trading operates with several MetaTrader platforms and transfers clients’ positions across the infrastructure. The new feature allows brokers to bring a client base together within a single investment pool and create an actual cross-server investment system. Ausprime provides brokers, hedge funds, and other clients with prime of prime liquidity services.

This functionality allows to conveniently display high-value symbols on the trading platform, create micro and mini symbols, and expand trading offering with unique instruments. Brokeree Solutions has expanded its portfolio with a new integration into its MT4/MT5 Liquidity Bridge, which combines trade execution, liquidity aggregation and risk management. The Estonia-based technology solutions provider has teamed up with CMC Connect, the institutional business arm of CMC Markets.

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The quality of services and the success of brokers often depend on the reliability and stability of their technical infrastructure. Get in touch with Brokeree Solutions to access risk management tools, liquidity management solutions, and investment systems. When using Brokeree’s bridge solution package, forex brokers have the ability to connect to multiple liquidity providers, ensuring their clients receive the best quality service.

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The Liquidity Bridge is a solution that assists multi-asset brokerages in managing large amounts of Match-Prime’s liquidity and offering their clients attractive trading conditions. It works seamlessly with multiple liquidity providers and trading servers, enabling brokers to configure an execution model and receive advanced reports. The Liquidity Bridge is a comprehensive solution for multi-asset brokerages which helps manage large amounts of liquidity from Match-Prime. Brokeree’s flagship solution operates with several trading servers and liquidity providers allowing brokers to accurately configure an execution model, including a hybrid one, which receives advanced reports. The solution also has some inbuilt risk management tools that may ensure the stable performance of the trading platform in case of technical issues with some liquidity providers. Without aggregation, a specific liquidity provider may not have enough volume at the requested price, which results in a worse executed price for the client.

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PAMM by Brokeree grants investors the flexibility to deposit and withdraw funds at any time and appeals to top-notch money managers with its configurable performance fees and zero trading limitations. With the product, brokers can link multiple trading servers within one system to provide their clients instant PAMM service across their MetaTrader infrastructure. According to the press release, with the integration of Brokeree Social Trading in XCritical’s CRM, retail traders will access copy trading offering directly from their account area. Users can copy trades from the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms with a few clicks, quickly react to market changes and manage their trading process. Offering plugins to MetaQuotes trading platforms, announced on Monday that FX software company XCritical integrated Brokeree’s Social Trading solution into its customer relationship management system.

MT4/MT5 Liquidity Bridge

Pendulum, a public blockchain connecting FX market with decentralized finance, marks a significant milestone for both the project and its community with the successful mainnet launch of its Polkadot parachain. Here we should mention that all our solutions, including those released many years ago, are regularly updated to stay efficient and relevant. For instance, Social Trading was introduced back in 2013, and if you compare its first version and the latest one, it may look like two different products. However, by this day, it remains one of the most sought-after solutions from our portfolio, and rightfully so. Notably, the group continued to add fewer active accounts, saying that 106,000 new accounts were added during FY 2022.

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